Optimal picture settings for Philips PUS7181

Optimal settings

I’ve probably spent hours by now tweaking the picture, and I think I’ve found something that looks natural and works well for most uses.

First of all: set the picture style to standard.

Basic settings

  • Colour: 50 (anything over 50 will blow out detail in highly saturated textures)
  • Contrast: 60 (this setting actually controls the backlight intensity; turn it lower in dark conditions)
  • Sharpness: 5
  • Brightness: 60

Advanced settings

  • Colour enhancement: OFF (turning this on will blow out finer detail in saturated textures)
  • Dynamic contrast: OFF (turning this on will cause the image contrast to shift noticeably during half a second after scene transitions, and I found it distracting)
  • Video contrast: 100
  • Ultra resolution: OFF (while making 1080p content look more crisp most of the time, it produces some artifacts and makes lower resolution content look jaggy)
  • Noise reduction: OFF/MIN (doesn’t do much difference)
  • MPEG artifact reduction: OFF/MIN (doesn’t do much difference)
  • Perfect Natural Motion: MIN (a matter of preference if you want to make the content play more smooth, but settings higher than “Minimum” will produce noticeable artifacts, which I found distracting)
  • Clear LCD: ON (doesn’t make much difference)

WARNING: Going into some (unrelated) menus in the settings will restore the changes you’ve made (I presume this is a bug), so be careful!

3 thoughts on “Optimal picture settings for Philips PUS7181”

  1. Hej Joakim, tack för din utförliga och ärliga test av Philips PUS7181 !
    Jag har köpt en också och har samma upplevelse av den, kommer dock oftast köra OSMC från en VERO 4K till den och slipper det mysko Android upplägget dom gjort.
    Har du fler tips eller erfarenheter av den är jag mer än tacksam.

    Mvh /Joakim Linzie

    • Happy to be of service! I’ve been updating the review and the optimal settings as I’ve had more time with the product, so I don’t really have much more to say. If you haven’t done so, check for new software updates, they published a new version during the summer.

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