Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

I’ve used the Samsung Galaxy S4 as my daily driver now for almost two years, and thought it appropriate to do a quick review. The phone is still for sale, though at a mid-range price point, but current nonetheless. I got it through work back in the summer of ’13. It was the first high-end phone I’ve owned, since before that I usually stuck to the mid-range of phones.

I’ll keep this review simple by just breaking it down category points.

  • Screen: Still kick-ass compared to lots of other phones. The AMOLED screen has vibrant colors, superb contrast (thanks to the “true” blacks), and the resolution still feels good enough.
  • Battery: I would expect that the battery performance would drop after two years of constant use but it’s as good as ever. Lasts up to two days, if I’m not using it too much.
  • Software: Samsung recently released the 5.0 update, which brought material design and other nifty features and visual improvements. Still, it comes with some bloat-ware which fortunately can be disabled.
  • Performance: Everything still feels snappy enough, even after the recent software update. The only thing I can comment on is that it gets a bit (uncomfortably) warm during heavy use.
  • Camera: Still a decent performer, although there are much better phones available today (such as the Samsung S6). Good enough for capturing your daily activities.
  • Other: Fun with an IR transceiver, although it hasn’t really come to any use (except trolling others watching tv).
  • Wear & tear: Using the phone every day for two years of course has the side effect to produce some dings and scratches. Surprisingly there’s not a single scratch on the screen yet, and I’ve never used a screen protector. The backside is also in pretty nice shape. The only noticeable wear is on the chrome rim around the phone, where the chrome paint has started to come off, mostly emanating from places with drop damage (unsurprisingly).

Overall I’m very satisfied with the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s time again to choose a new phone from work, and I’m seriously considering to keep this until it simply gives up.

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