Space Engine released *woooo!*

For all space fans out there, I can’t recommend this simulator enough. If you have a computer that can run it, it’s a must try. A word of warning though; better set an alarm clock to wake you out of the trance you’ll be slipping into. The epic music, the breathtaking views, the endless exploration … Read moreSpace Engine released *woooo!*

NVIDIA Shield tablet review

So I’ve owned the NVIDIA Shield tablet (16Gb WiFi version) for a few months now and thought that it was time for a review. It replaced my old, but tried and true, Nexus 7 (2012). I took a leap of faith on this one, as I’d normally wait a while before getting a product that … Read moreNVIDIA Shield tablet review

EVGA SuperNova G2 750W first impressions

The other day I bought the EVGA SuperNova G2 750W ATX power supply for my new PC build. First impressions are good; it breathes quality from the moment you lift it up from the packaging. Nice rugged feel, fully modular, cable sleeving and you get a nifty bag for your cables (there are a lot … Read moreEVGA SuperNova G2 750W first impressions

Buffalo LinkStation 420 review

So after doing RAID-1 manually for 10 years (starting with burning countless of DVD’s with my precious data, then moving on to buying a new external drive every year as they got full), I finally decided to stop the spiral of self-torment that is manual redundant backups. I bought myself a NAS. After standing in … Read moreBuffalo LinkStation 420 review